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Latest! Production is expected in October! Construction status of Shandong Duoweida project

Release time:2023-08-09 Visits:277

Invested by Wanfeng Group, Shandong Dowei Danami Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 25,000 tons of inorganic environmental protection flame retardants, and plans to build 6 factories, 1 product display workshop and 1 comprehensive building in Binhai. The project covers an area of 67.6 mu with a total investment of 100 million yuan.

At present, the project has completed a total investment of 29 million yuan, and is expected to be put into production in October this year. After the operation, the enterprise can achieve an output value of 360 million yuan and a profit of 36 million yuan, and add 80 jobs.


Shandong Duoweida nanometer Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of new material technology. Its main products include magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, composite flame retardants and other nano additives. We plan to purchase production equipment such as extruding granulator and air mill, as well as experimental equipment such as torque rheometer and universal tensile testing machine. 


At present, the two largest equipment bases of Duoweida are being poured, and the production and installation of other equipment will be carried out one after another. The whole workshop of Duoweida will adopt automated and dust-free design to create an advanced and intelligent manufacturing plant, and the production process will realize mechanized production to ensure product quality.